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The vision for the Hayati Children’s Foundation (HCF) came after the Shibley family’s travels to developing countries. Upon traveling to both Mexico and the Dominican Republic they saw firsthand the troubling conditions of two struggling orphanages. In an attempt to help them out the family made lump sum donations to each orphanage. The family wanted to continuously support both the orphanages without overhead costs, which was the catalyst to the creation of the Hayati Children’s Foundation.

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To provide funds to orphanages in developing countries that enable at risk children to have a better quality of life, proper nutrition and education. To ensure these children are able to support themselves once they reach age of majority.

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Love in Action

In Chapala the Hayati Children’s Foundation (HCF) provides Love in Action (LIA) with one third of their monthly operating budget. There is an agency agreement that states the funds must be utilized for food and milk programs, providing potable water, as well as purchasing clothing, hygiene products, school supplies, first aid and toys.

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